Lab And Librarys

Our school is well equipped with world class laboratory infrastructure. Trainees are given scheduled training in the lab periodically with sophisticated apparatus and instruments to make them update and improve their research skills. Experimentation is a way of life for the young scientists.

Physics Lab

  • We make scientists model like Einstein, Edison and Newton in our lab young outgoing physicists are preparing themselves to face the new and ensuring challenges of the world in our lab they are illuminating this world with the magic lamps they invented in our lab.

Chemistry Lab

  • Our Chemistry lab is well equipped with modern apparatus and equipments needed for successfull practicals our young scientists are busy in inventing new compounds chemicals using new innovative techniques in our lab.

Botany Lab

  • Our botany lab is enriched with models of rare species of plants, collected from various parts of our country and from various sources. they are dreaming green revolution in our land

Zoology lab

  • Many successful doctors are born in our zoology lab. the base for doctors is formed and framed in our zoology lab.Our students are doing medical research to keep this world free from diseases.

Computer Lab

  • The school provides computer aided learning to all students . There are four well furnished / equipped computer labs, in our campus. They are fully air conditioned and well equipped with the latest generation computers. smart boards are used to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Audio - Visual Room

  • Inorder to give prepared envirionment for studies we have 3 audio - visual rooms in our campus . Each room can accommodate 100 students We have smart class rooms in collaborations with Education software companies Each smart class room has a projector to aid adio visual learning . sufficient education softwares are made available to enrich the computer knowledge.

Library The Gateway to knowledge

  • An excellent library with a vast collection of books is available for refferance and reading . It has a good number of journals and periodicals that are subscribed for the benefit of the students and staff Our computerized library helps our students refer to current and updated books of world famous writers. we insist, inculcate and promote the reading habits among our students.